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Cape Cod Market Update October 2022

Market Update

September Review: 

    The Cape Cod real estate market continues the trend of low inventory, high prices, and favoring sellers.  While inventory is up from the low last winter, it is still on par with 2021, meaning we haven't seriously started to improve this aspect of the market by increasing the number of homes for sale.  Additionally, new [...]

Cape Cod Market Update September 2022

Market Update

August Review: 

  The Cape Cod real estate market remains low on inventory and high on confusion.  We have been inundated these last weeks with requests for a quick look into our crystal ball and an idea about when the top, or bottom, of the market will be.  Unfortunately our crystal ball only reliably predicts the next day of the week.  The [...]

Cape Cod Market Update May 2022

Market Update

April Review: 

   The Cape Cod real estate market remains crazy.  Median price continues to climb and metrics such as inventory and new listings remain low.  Don't be deceived by the bump in inventory between March and April either.  True enough there were 324 single family homes for sale at the end of April; however, fewer than 100 of those [...]

Cape Cod Market Update March 2022

Market Update

February Review: 

   We hate sounding like a broken record, but here goes anyway.  Inventory is as low as we have seen and continues to decline.  When drilling down into homes less than $650k, the dearth is even more concerning.  At the time of writing (3/15), there are 38 single family homes for sale in Barnstable County for less than [...]

Cape Cod Real Estate Market Critical Advice for Buyers

We’ve spilled gallons of ink this year describing how difficult the market is for buyers and speculating about the policy and housing production solutions needed to turn things around. But what about buyers who need to buy something right now? Are they out of luck? Absolutely not!! The market may be crazy, but there is a method to the [...]

Local Update Feb 2022

Sea Camps Beach

Another annual newsletter, another moment of reckoning how much the pandemic has changed our lives. The only constant seems to be that rapid change and unpredictability will continue to waylay our plans….but it’s not all bad!

Based on polling data from the Cape & Islands Association of Realtors, a majority of people who purchased a home on Cape during the pandemic intend to stay full-time. While an increased year-round population poses some of its own challenges, having a new generation of ‘locals’ bringing fresh ideas, different perspectives, and tons of enthusiasm for their new home can only be a positive development! The strength of this community was one of the reasons I fell in love with this place. Now, I’m excited to pay it forward and welcome our newcomers into the fold – there’s plenty of work to be done!

Speaking of work to be done, the residents of Brewster have ours cut out for us: in a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the Town elected to purchase the former Cape Cod Sea Camps properties. With frontage on both the Bay (see picture below) and Long Pond, this is the largest purchase Brewster has ever made! After a record turnout at town meeting to vote in favor of the acquisition, we are now embarking on a public engagement process to figure out what to do with the 110-ish acres. In recent years, Brewster has determined several town-wide planning priorities for the future, so I’m excited to see those manifest as we decide how to use our latest and greatest public asset.

Collaboration is the name of the game over in Yarmouth, too! At the site of the former Riverway restaurant, something new is cooking. It’s now home to the Family Table Collaborative, a self-sustaining nonprofit aimed at eliminating food insecurity on Cape. They provided over 100,000 free meals during 2021, and recently expanded their services to include rentable commercial kitchen hours, a local maker’s market/cafe, and a group meeting space! Yours truly lent her (very mediocre) skills with a paintbrush ahead of the grand opening, and it’s been a joy to watch their innovative approach be so completely embraced by the community.

The start of a new year always renews optimism for better things to come. Being an individual in the midst of a global pandemic feels overwhelming and totally out of our control, but I am heartened by seeing our local community rally around the issues that matter most to us (and there are plenty of them). Our little sandbar faces some complex challenges, but Cape Codders have always been resilient. If anything, these last two years have made us more stubborn, more dedicated to finding solutions, and more willing to create a fuss to make things happen – I can only imagine what we’ll accomplish next!

Sea Camps Beach