Blog :: 10-2011

After more than 25 years of living, working and playing on Cape Cod we have a lot to share about the area.  Our blog topics run the gamut from fun things to do, working with contractors, and homeownership tips and tricks, so check back frequently to see what's new.  If you have questions or would like to learn more about Cape Cod or owning property on this beautiful peninsula please contact us for more information and to set up a showing for any listing. 

Getting ready to sell your home?

The first thing to do is to rid the house of unnecessary stuff. Even those of us who do not suffer from "hoarders syndrome" know that after a short period of time all the closets, basement and garages become full - often with items that are "too good to throw away but have no intrinsic value". Getting rid of years of collected items is a daunting task which requires muscle, equipment, patience and the capacity to disassociate oneself from one's belongings.

Downsizing or moving off Cape?

Time to clean up

Consider donating"hiddentreasures" thatcan beusefulto young people, folks that have fallen on hard times,or people whoare furnishingsummer cottages. Before going to the "dump" with your "junk" call the thrift shops associated withchurches, TheGoodwill, The Salvation Army and any other charitable groups. Often members of the charities will send people to pick up usable items as a convenience to the donor.
When contemplating a major move or downsizing it is a good idea, after selecting the items you definitely want to keep and donating what you can, tothen hire a company to conduct a yard sale for you. These people take the emotional distress out of the whole operation. They will get better prices for your belongings than you would on your own because they know what sells and for what price. It is far morepleasant to take a long ride and come back to a house that is clear of all stuff and receive a check from thecompany that conducts the sale. Your house will be ready to stagefor thesale.
Give us a whistle(Ed: 508-737-4080| Agnes: 508-776-4664) and wecan connect you to an estatesale company and/or clean up crew that is tailored to your specific needs.

10 Home Safety Tips for Cape Codders

As creatures of habitwe conduct ourselves inpredictable ways. To our detriment we make it easy for burglars to access our homes. Although we have heard time an again what we should and should not do to keep our property safe from burglaries, it is always a good thing to be reminded.

  1. Avoid announcing your vacation on Facebook or any social media. Burglars can easily figure out your address.
  2. Always lock your doors.The average amount of time spent in a home by a burglar is 4 minutes. Do not make it easy to enter your home. Reduce the amount of time a thief spends in your house by making it hard to enter.
  3. Avoid using your master bedroom for storing jewelry and prized possessions. Most people hide valuables in sock drawers, dresser drawers, andbedside tables. If a thiefis spending only 4 minutes in a housethe least you can do ismake it hard for them to find valuables.
  4. A burglar is unlikely to go into children's rooms.Make your hiding place in kid's rooms.
  5. A loud radio or television will deter a thief.Place a radio on a timer when you are away and let that good old rock and roll lend a hand in keeping your home safe.
  6. A good security system is only good if you use it, therefore, use it.
  7. Although it is pleasant to air out a house, leaving windows cracked open is an invitation to a thief. If you are not at home, do not leave your windows cracked open.
  8. A pile of rolled up newspapers on the driveway is a perfect green light for a burglar. When you are away make sure someone is picking up the paper for you.
  9. A winter vacation is a joy. However, be sure to ask a neighbor to walk around your house or drive into the driveway after it snows.Nothing like untouched snow to indicate an empty house.
  10. Always keep your car keys next to your bed. If you hear anything unusual, hit the panic button on your key fobto sound thealarm thus alerting neighbors. The last thing a burglar wants is attention from neighbors.

Although common sense, it is always good to be reminded. Keep safe.