Market Data

Local Cape Cod Market Data

Making the decision to sell your home is not to be taken lightly and using a licensed real estate professional takes much of the burden off of your shoulders. The resources on this page can provide insight into the real estate markets on Cape Cod.

The statistics here are compiled by the MLS on Cape Cod and provide several useful insights into the local housing market trends.

Local Market Update

Annual Housing Report for Cape Cod

Chatelain Real Estate Market Updates

Additionally the Property Tax Rates for each of the fifteen cape towns

Cape Cod Mortgage Rates

Knowing where rates are and where they are going can indicate trends in the market. These are two local banks with helpful information

Mortgage Rates for The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod

Mortgage Options and information from Cape Cod 5 Cents Savings Bank


Cape Cod Past Home Sales 

Other pieces of data to utilize when deciding whether to sell your home are the comparable home sales in your area. No two properties are equal and having a local real estate expert create a comparative market analysis helps illuminate the features of a home that add to and detract from its marketability.

Local Home Sales

As always please contact us with any questions or for a free evaluation of your home's worth in the current market.