Our History

Born in New Orleans and Greece, Ed and Agnes met while pursuing Anthropology and Archaeology degrees. Ed chased Agnes until she caught him. They married and pursued careers as archaeologists for ten years.

Upon deciding it was time to become "adults", they moved to Cape Cod, began their family, and owned and operated an ice cream business for fourteen years. They raised their sons, Ned and Paul, both of whom have joined Ed and Agnes in the real estate business. 

A Beginning with Cape Cod Real Estate

Seeking a new challenge Ed and Agnes entered the real estate profession. Their business connections, community involvement, and love of Cape Cod were, and continue to be, assets that facilitate their ability to provide uncompromising service to their real estate clients. Interest in people has been the primary focus of their entire professional history and real estate is another expression of that interest.

Life on the Cape

What Ed and Agnes discovered on Cape Cod is what they emphasize as real estate practitioners. The Cape is easy to enjoy with its quiet splendor, warm landscapes, kindly neighbors and friends. It is an idyllic place offering clean air, good schools, safety, delightful interesting folks willing to share their lives, wonderful outdoor recreational opportunities, sporting events, and a variety of live performance venues all in a stress free environment. The Cape is living the dream.

Community Involvement

Ed and Agnes have served their community throughout their 28 years as Dennis residents. For example, Agnes served three terms as an elected member of the Dennis Yarmouth Regional School Committee. She serves as a Trustee of the West Dennis Free Public Library, the Town Capital Outlay Committee and Trepte Scholarship Committee. Ed has served as a Director of the Dennis Chamber of Commerce and Chair of the Dennis Town Library Building Committee. He serves as Treasurer of the Southside Civic Association, and as a member of West Dennis Park Building Committee. Ed and Agnes’ commitment to community is demonstrated by their service.

What's in a name?

It’s no mistake that we are “THE CHATELAINS”. It is embedded in our name to be masters of real estate. Whether you are selling, managing, or buying real estate, we are there to take the burden away. We do this without drama as drama does not add value to real estate. Experience the everyday extraordinary and put a CHATELAIN in your court.*

**chatelain: [sha’tt’l an] English from Old French*

  1. master of a large house
  2. guardian of a castle
  3. keeper of the keys