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After more than 25 years of living, working and playing on Cape Cod we have a lot to share about the area.  Our blog topics run the gamut from fun things to do, working with contractors, and homeownership tips and tricks, so check back frequently to see what's new.  If you have questions or would like to learn more about Cape Cod or owning property on this beautiful peninsula please contact us for more information and to set up a showing for any listing. 

Top 5 Dog Walks on Cape Cod

One of the best reasons to live on Cape Cod is the outdoors.  And with whom better to enjoy a lovely day than your canine companion?   One of our favorite areas for outdoor recreation is the mid-Cape, particularly Dennis, Brewster and Harwich.  Centrally located and featuring bay, sound, and lake beaches these towns will not let you down.  Do keep in mind that each town has leash laws and general restrictions depending on time of year, with that being said here they are in no particular order.

West Dennis Beach | Dennis

Hands down this is one of our favorites with the labs.  The beach extends for nearly a mile and can be walked either along the shore in the sand or in the road.  Enjoy vistas of Nantucket Sound and scenic Bass River along the way.  In the past there have been nesting snowy owls on the marsh side of the beach.  Not to be missed but, unfortunately, no dogs on beaches in the summer.  Check out homes in West Dennis

Thompson’s Field | Harwich

This is definitely a great walk for friendly dogs.  Many people with well trained four-legged friends allow their dogs off leash in this expansive area.  Numerous side trails and different habitats make this a nice walk for nature enthusiasts and several wide open fields are great for ball-chasers.  Nice touches here are the water tap near the south entrance and plenty of parking at the North Entrance. Check out homes in Harwich

Crowes Pasture | Dennis / Brewster

Located right on the Dennis/Brewster town line (but accessible from East Dennis) this beautiful area includes marsh, woods, fields, dune and beach habitats.  By parking at the first area you can make this into a beautiful multiple mile walk without ever retracing your steps.  This is also a great place for off road vehicles with a permit from the town. As an added perk, go at low tide to watch the oyster farmers do their work. Check out these homes in Dennis and in Brewster

Bell’s Neck Conservation Lands | Harwich

This is a fantastic area close to Dennis Port and accessible from many parts of West Harwich.  With cranberry bogs, woodlands and opportunities for swimming in the freshwater pond, this area is  another great area for well trained dogs off leash.  A bit of exploring reveals several quiet benches with wonderful vistas. Check out homes in Harwich


Sheep Pond Woodlands | Brewster

The parking area is easily accessible (just off of 137) and these woodlands are a great area to explore.  There are several private roads and two-tracks that cars occasionally drive down so be sure to keep a close eye on your companion.  Sheep Pond is a treasure of the mid Cape and, since it is well hidden, a nice place to find in the off season for a little serenity.  As a perk the parking area is adjacent to the Cape Cod Rail Trail if your dog companion is a jogger. Check out homes in Brewster

Head Banging

Technology in Real Estate

 With progress comes change and with change, progress; at least that is what we keep telling ourselves.  With our recent switch to the new FlexMLS we find our time occupied by overcoming obstacles that were, before now, simple tasks.  While we are excited about the potential of FlexMLS, there are some frustrations associated with learning the new system.  The time between cranially testing the acoustic properties of our walls and trying to search for properties, another thought comes to mind: how will technology continue to affect the real estate market (you may find the article here an interesting read)?  

 The availability of public information has, in many ways, made facilitating real estate transactions far easier.  Gone are the days when agents drove back and forth between buyers and sellers to get documents signed.  Quick emails now allow for information retrieval without a trip to town hall or the registry of deeds.  Digital contact management, property databases and transaction management tools reduce the amount of time we need to spend filing and updating information.  Ultimately these tools allow us to spend more time working with our clients and familiarizing ourselves with the local market here on Cape Cod.  These facts reaffirm our belief that, no matter what technology may exist, there is no substitute for a knowledgeable, professional real estate agent.


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    Updated searching

    We have an exciting new and updated MLS database provider.  FlexMLS offers an excellent new front end for our clients to search for homes in their area. Please sign up on our website today so that we can set you up with a FlexMLS portal.  This will link you directly to the inventory of homes and land for sale on Cape Cod with instant updates.

    Happy hunting!


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      Welcome Paul

      It is our pleasure to announce that our son and brother, Paul, has joined us in the real estate business. Born and raised on Cape Cod, Paul not only brings a local's perspective to the real estate business but enthusiasm for advancing the family business.  Having taught for years, Paul's exceptional organizational skills and extensive computer knowledge are an invaluable asset.  Additionally, his own recent experience with buying his first property makes him uniquely qualified to work with other young families and first-time home buyers.


      When we began in real estate 25 years ago we never thought it would turn into a family business but are delighted that it has. We thank you for keeping us in mind for all your real estate needs and for all the referrals you have sent our way.  Without your support we could not have built our business into what it is today.  The four of us promise to continue to provide exceptional assistance to you, your friends, business associates, and family.  


      Once again we are delighted to introduce Paul to you and to welcome him to the Cape Cod Chatelains. 


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