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Technology in Real Estate

 With progress comes change and with change, progress; at least that is what we keep telling ourselves.  With our recent switch to the new FlexMLS we find our time occupied by overcoming obstacles that were, before now, simple tasks.  While we are excited about the potential of FlexMLS, there are some frustrations associated with learning the new system.  The time between cranially testing the acoustic properties of our walls and trying to search for properties, another thought comes to mind: how will technology continue to affect the real estate market (you may find the article here an interesting read)?  

 The availability of public information has, in many ways, made facilitating real estate transactions far easier.  Gone are the days when agents drove back and forth between buyers and sellers to get documents signed.  Quick emails now allow for information retrieval without a trip to town hall or the registry of deeds.  Digital contact management, property databases and transaction management tools reduce the amount of time we need to spend filing and updating information.  Ultimately these tools allow us to spend more time working with our clients and familiarizing ourselves with the local market here on Cape Cod.  These facts reaffirm our belief that, no matter what technology may exist, there is no substitute for a knowledgeable, professional real estate agent.

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