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Vacation Rentals on Cape Cod - 2022 in Review

Cape Cod vacation rentals continued to be very attractive to vacationers in 2022.  The trend of early booking continued with 66% of all booking being completed by the end of March. 2023 seems on pace to be more similar to 2022 than 2021 in this regard, see the chart at right. In addition we noticed

1. International Travelers are back!

  I should specify and say that our friends to the North, specifically Canadians, returned in 2022 and we are seeing strong bookings from these vacationers to start 2023 as well.  After three years of restricted travel, it is nice to see the return of this demographic.

2. Vacationers are booking multiple houses

  We had a significant number of 2022 vacationers reserve multiple houses within a short walk so their whole family could come and visit.  With years of travel and gathering restrictions, people were eager to get back together and the Cape Cod model, with beaches close by, and each family having a private home to escape to, left these vacationers very happy. 

3. Luxury services are in demand

  Traditionally, Cape Cod rentals required tenants to bring their own linens; however, more and more renters are willing to pay more to get more.  Items like linens, beach chairs, lawn toys, and yes, air conditioning, were more frequently requested than ever before.  We are lucky to serve homes that provide both economical options as well as these luxury services so that everyone can find a vacation home that fits their summer dreams and their pocket books

4.  What to expect in 2023?

The economy is on people's minds and we expect it will drive the rental season this summer.  This is good for Cape Cod because we are so close to the Boston metroplex as well as within a 5 hour drive of most of the New York City area as well.  We are seeing many people booking close to home (within 100 miles) and expect that the 2023 Cape Cod Summer vacation season will be another great one.

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