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Ask Agnes: Best Freshwater Beaches on Cape Cod

Princess Beach on Scargo Lake in DennisWell we are back with more bits of wisdom from Agnes.  In this edition she regales us with suggestions on some of her favorite freshwater beaches on Cape Cod.  Plus we get a tip on a secret pond in Wellfleet.

"Hi Agnes.  Thanks for letting us pick your brain on this fun topic."

"My pleasure as always."

"Let's start on the upper Cape.  Where do you recommend for some nice freshwater swimming?"

"I really like Johns Pond Park in Mashpee.  This beach is surrounded by conservation area yet is easily accessible from Route 151.  The beach itself doesn't get too busy and has restrooms, a picnic area, lifeguards and a lot of space.  Mashpee-Wakeby Pond in Sandwich/Mashpee is another gem.  It is accessible from several access points including off S. Sandwich Road through the Ryder Conservation Lands.  In addition to the beach this area has extensive trails for walking and is close to the Lowell Holly Reservation (also great for walking trails) which has been largely untouched since the early 19th century leaving a more natural look at Cape Cod's original forest communities."

"Those are both great tips...what about that secret pond in Wellfleet?"

"How about we do the Mid-Cape first? In Barnstable I love Lake Wequaquet.  Over the years I have been lucky enough to sell a number of homes on this Lake in Centerville and cherish the time I get to spend there.  The easiest access is on Shootflying Hill Road and the beach there has a boat ramp, lifeguards, restrooms and doesn't require a long slog from the parking lot. I especially like the guards and a roped swim area for little ones.  Be aware the road is close though.  Also Princess Beach on Scargo Lake in Dennis is a great place to go.  There is a little town sailing program that operates through the Dennis Recreation Department in the summer and the beach also has a nice covered picnic area on the bluff.  Bathrooms and lifeguards again are a plus but you should be aware that this one has stairs to get down to the beach.  If this is an issue just go around the corner to Scargo Beach which is at Pond Level.   Don't miss Long Pond Beach off Crowell's Bog Road in Brewster.  With only minimal facilities it is rarely crowded and has a very nice floating swim dock which the grandkids enjoy."

"And now the Lower Cape?"

"Yes OK.  So there is a little known Pond in Wellfleet called Spectacle Pond.  Here's what I'll say about it.  It is off of Gross Hill Road but you will need a good 4-wheel-drive vehicle to access the parking in all but the best of conditions.  Otherwise it can be walked to on old Fire Roads and 2-tracks that noodle in the National Seashore Land.  The pond is actually two bodies of water that communicate (hence 'spectacle') and the larger of the two is deep, secluded and gorgeous.  Not for the feint of heart or those who are timid about changing tires."

"Cool!  Can you tell us how to get there?"

"Well, a secret swimming hole needs to be found with a little more adventure than putting the address into google maps and running your A/C the whole drive.  Ask around, it's worth it."


Thank you Agnes, we'll get out our treasure maps and start searching for that big "X".  For more local knowledge or to share a secret pond of your own give Agnes and Chatelain Real Estate a call today.


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