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Vacation Rentals on Cape Cod - 2021 in Review

Cape Cod vacation rentals had another incredible year in 2021. After many months cooped up by the pandemic, we saw exceptional bookings and many happy returning tenants who did not rent in 2020.  There were a few points that we found very interesting after letting our heads clear from the heat of the summer.

1. We are still missing our international vacationers

Before 2020, international visitors, particularly Canadians, made up a small but significant number of our rental guests.  In 2021, we saw zero international travelers. With bookings as high as they were, we wonder where and if we will be able to fit these travelers into accommodations once border restrictions ease.

2. Guests are largely coming from within a 1 day drive

With fewer international travelers, who is filling the rentals?  As has been the case for many years (even before the pandemic), most guests are coming from New England and New York.  Cape Cod is back on the map for many of these more local vacationers as they reconnect with just how lovely summer is on the Cape.

3.  What to expect in 2022?

People are wary of COVID and weary of restrictions so we expect 2022 at least to be another great year.  Our January bookings were about 4 times higher than usual and a few of our properties are already completely filled for the summer.  Furthermore, a Cape Cod vacation allows many families and groups to gather closer to home and without getting on a plane.  Most of the service industries adapted admirably to the changes brought by COVID and are now well versed in providing excellent service and operating with restrictions in place.  We are looking forward to another great rental summer in 2022.

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