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Cape Cod Waterfront

Conceivably the greatest joy of living here is the instant access to the beautiful Cape Cod waterfront. An oft-cited local statistic states that you are never more than 9 minutes from a swim-able body of water on Cape Cod! That means 9 minutes from swimming, fishing, kayaking, sailing, sandcastle-building, or simply relaxing with a beach read.


Fresh Water Fun

Although the various joys of the ocean beaches cannot be overestimated, the hidden secret behind fun in the Cape Cod is its literally hundreds of small freshwater ponds. These ponds are an enduring reminder of the Capes geologic history - when the advancing glaciers of the last ice age came to a halt near here and began receding about 12,000 years ago they deposited a vast amount of sand, stone, and ice. Over time, this enormous pile of glacial till settled and formed into modern Cape Cod. When the large chunks of ice melted, they formed the hundreds of crystal clear, secluded Cape Cod kettle ponds.


Tom Matthews Pond

Peaceful Serenity

These ponds offer a variety of recreational opportunities. They are generally steep-sided and quite deep, making them perfect for swimming and fishing. Most are quite small and cannot accommodate motor boats or jet skis, so they remain as peaceful and quiet as they were during the last ice age. Many are located in the Cape Cod National Seashore and are completely untouched by any human development at all, just waiting for you to make the short walk down a shady path to visit them!


All-sport Opportunities

For the water-sports enthusiasts, some of the larger Cape ponds are designated all-sport ponds. These can accommodate water skiing, wake boarding, and jet skiing in addition to all the other water pursuits.


Local Waterfront Properties for Sale

Fortunately for home buyers, the hundreds of Cape kettles make an incredibly beautiful setting for a home. The steep-sided ponds often mean that homes are located on a bluff with a great view, and the Capes uniformly sandy soil put private sandy beaches within even the most budget-minded homeowners reach. If you are interested in pond front living on Cape Cod, but within walking distance of the famous Dennis beaches, take a look at this adorable getaway in West Dennis.


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